Correcting Hormonal Imbalances

Individualized Hormone Therapy for your health

Our team of experienced healthcare professionals is committed to understanding the unique needs of men and women, providing tailored hormone therapy treatments that empower you to reclaim balance and vitality.

From managing menopausal symptoms to optimizing fertility and enhancing overall well-being, our comprehensive services are designed to guide you on a transformative journey towards optimal health. Discover a supportive and personalized approach to men and women’s hormone therapy at LOMA.

What You Need To Know

Through personalized assessments, healthcare professionals identify specific hormonal imbalances, tailoring treatment plans to individual needs. Utilizing bioidentical hormones that closely resemble those naturally occurring in the body, this therapy aims to alleviate symptoms of ED, elevate libido, and optimize bone and cardiovascular health. Regular monitoring ensures safety and effectiveness, with adjustments made as needed. This individualized and collaborative approach empowers men and women to navigate their unique hormonal journey, fostering vitality and balance in their lives.

Services Include


Hormone therapy addresses a range of issues, including menopausal symptoms, hormonal imbalances, sexual wellness, and bone health; as well as thyroid disorders.

Bioidentical Hormones are plant-based hormones, compounded unique to each individual based upon their needs. With proper monitoring and dosing, HRT is safe with little to no adverse side effects.

Individual responses vary, but many patients experience improvements within a few weeks. Full benefits may take a few months, and ongoing adjustments are made to optimize results and address any evolving needs.

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