Weight Loss Consultations

Your Journey, Our Support

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you? Our weight loss programs provide you with personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your weight loss goals, combining lifestyle changes and medication. We prescribe injectables and oral medications, as well as providing a dietary plan option. 

What You Need To Know

Many factors affect a person’s ability to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Some factors are hormones, family history, lifestyle, and mental health. We will discuss the patient’s medical history, lifestyle and typical food intake. Blood work will be ordered according to the patient’s individual needs, and we will discuss treatment options with injectable medications, oral medications, as well as lifestyle and dietary changes. We will also correct any imbalances seen in the patient’s bloodwork. 

Services Include


A weight loss consultation is an initial meeting with a healthcare professional to discuss your weight loss goals, assess your current health status, and develop a personalized plan to help you achieve your desired weight loss outcomes.

Our weight loss consultations may include a range of services, such as nutritional counseling, exercise recommendations, behavior modification strategies, and, if appropriate, discussions about medical interventions or treatments to support weight loss.

The duration of a weight loss consultation can vary depending on individual needs and the complexity of the discussion. Typically, consultations last between 45 minutes to 75 minutes.

Yes, our healthcare providers will work with you to develop a personalized weight loss plan based on your individual needs, goals, and preferences. This plan may include recommendations for dietary changes, exercise routines, behavior modification strategies, and, if applicable, medical interventions or treatments.

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