Preventative Annual Visits

Proactive Health with Preventive Visits

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The preventative yearly exam is intended to look at the patient’s whole-body function, address the root cause of any issues, and promote healthy function to prevent chronic health issues.

What You Need To Know

Preventative Physicals

We will discuss the patient’s past medical history, current symptoms or concerns, order testing as applicable, and create a treatment plan consisting of supplements, lifestyle changes, and medications when necessary. The goal is to address and treat concerns without the use of traditional medications, or help patients get off medications. 

Services Include

kid's sports physicals

Satisfy your sports physical requirement quickly with our kid’s sports physical.  We assess your child’s health and any underlying conditions to help ensure safe participation in sports.


The frequency of preventive visits depends on factors such as age, health history, and risk factors. Generally, an annual check-up is recommended. Consult with our healthcare professionals to determine the best schedule for your individual needs.

Physical exams are important for maintaining and monitoring your health. They allow healthcare providers to detect any signs of illness, assess your risk factors for certain conditions, and provide personalized recommendations for preventive care and lifestyle modifications.

Advanced diagnostic screenings enable early detection of potential health issues, allowing for timely intervention and improved outcomes. These screenings are tailored to your individual risk factors, providing a comprehensive understanding of your health status.

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Don’t wait for health issues to arise; be proactive in maintaining your optimal health.